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Gambling is a great way to spend free time if you have the gift of not getting yourself addicted by this game. We have designed our website in order to present new gamblers the best live casinos in USA & Europe of 2013 and tips for playing different casino games.

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Live Casino Dealer UKIt is very important to know that only some of the online live casinos offer a welcome bonus which can be more interesting depending the company you register. So check our associates offers and choose what is more suitable for you to start your games.
The casino you register will give you all the information you need in order to collect your bonus after the registration.

The advantages of live gambling

A live casino has too much to offer

Live Casino USAPlaying online if fun and healthy but gambling live is just another thing. The question is why to gamble and play your favourite casino game with a robot when you can play with a live dealer and also from your own home. Cards games are very interesting but what is the point of getting cards dealt by a software. A real gambler prefers to play with a live dealer and real cards on the table so this is your chance of doing the same. While playing a live casino game the dealer from the casino is connected to your pc through a live web cam. You should try and surely you won’t regret and return to play poker or blackjack with an online software.

Where to play Live casinos USA

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If you are looking for a healthy live casino to register just try william hill if you live in Europe. If you live in USA or Canada you could try Dublin bet or Lucky LIVE CASINO. We wish you luck while gambling live.